Advanced Open Water Certification

Maybe you have your Open Water certification or you are thinking about getting it and don’t think you want or need to become Advanced Open Water Certified.  I want to take a minute to explain why you should.  Getting Open Water Certified is great!  You now have your C-Card and you can go anywhere in the world and show that you are a certified diver and dive, right?  Not exactly.  There are dives you may want to go on where the dive outfit that is running the dive may require a minimum of Advanced Open Water.  Take reck dives for instance.  A lot of Dive Outfits that run wreck dives will require you to be Advanced Open Water Certified.

Why is this you ask?  Well when you take the Advanced Open Water Certification training course you don’t really learn new skills from what you learned during your Open Water Certification, but you do gain two things.  You gain experience with different types of dives and you gain better competency.   Allow me to explain.

During your Advanced Open Water Certification Dives you will perform five different dives.  Two of which are required and three of which you get to select.  The first required skill is Underwater Navigation.  This skill is especially important because, well it’s helpful if you know how to get yourself back to the boat when you are done with your dive.  It’s also important in being able to locate what you are trying to go see on your dive.  The second required skill id Deep Dive.  Again if you are going to be going to do some wreck diving, most wrecks aren’t all that shallow so having learned the proper skills, what to expect, and having experience here is very important.

Aside from the above two dive skill requirements you can choose any additional three adventure dives of your liking.  I however would recommend one of them be Peak Performance Buoyancy.  Every see a diver that can’t stay off the bottom, or keeps running away to the surface, or is just all over the place somewhere in between?  Is that maybe even you?  Well if so taking this as one of your adventure dives or even as a specialty if you really need help is a great idea.  You will learn how to properly control your buoyancy so you are truly weightless and can move around in the water like it is second nature.

Another good essential in my book is the wreck skill.  If you plan to do some wreck diving it provides you with some good information about what to and not to do as well as general good practices.  Diving is great fun and these day’s it’s very safe, however not without risk, but with the proper training, guidance, experience, and judgement you can manage the risk and enjoy diving a whole lot more.

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