Bonaire – Angel City

Angel City, appropriately named due to the large number of Angel Fish that seem to frequent this dive site.  This site was an easy entry, but you will want your snorkel for a surface swim out to the reef.  There is a buoy anchored just before the start of the reef at roughly 16ft deep. From there the reef descends to roughly 59ft.  At the bottom of the first reef is a sandy bottom that is sort of a narrow shelf before you come to the second reef.  The second reef then descends to roughly 150ft.

You may just choose to hang on the first reef for a longer shallower dive.  The second reef does not offer as much coral growth as the first making it less desirable.  I would also recommend checking out the sandy bottom between the reefs where you will see some nice coral gardens with lots of little fish, and possibly some Queen Conches, and Stingrays that have been known to hang out here.  On the first reef itself keep an eye out for  Spotted Morays, Eagle Rays, and Porcupine Fish all of which are common to Angel City.

If you head south along the sandy bottom between the two reefs eventually the reef will become shallower roughly 30ft and the two reefs will meet for a short while before they split off again.  Overall another great site, lots of great coral, fish and other sea life can be seen here.

See the full Angel City photo album here

Dive Specs:

Entry:  Shore and Boat
Snorkeling: Yes
Skill Level:  All Divers
Current: Moderate
Max Depth: 150ft

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