Bonaire – Aquarius

Aquarius is not particularly a difficult entry, however if their is a moderate surge like we experienced this past January 2017 you will need to take care when entering.  Once you enter the water depending on conditions their is a rocky ridge that may be above the water or just below.  You will also want to surface swim out to the drop off of the first reef to conserve your air.  Like many sites on Boanire, Aquarius has a double reef system.  The first reef is suitable for beginner or Open Water certified divers starting at roughly 26ft and continuing down to 105ft.  Diver should stay within the limits of their training and take care not to go deeper than their training allows for.

At the top of the first reef you will find a mixture of hard and soft corals, tiny multi-colored damselfish, anemones, mullet fish, and more.  As you descend down the first reef you will see lots of soft coral, elephant ear sponges, as well as many tube sponges.  Parraotfish, butterfly fish, and angelfish frequent this reef.

More experienced divers may decide to venture over to the 2nd reef, but be aware you will need to navigate to and from the 2nd reef using a compass.  To conserve air you will want to swim to the 2nd reef above 60 ft rather than along the bottom.  The top of the 2nd reef starts at around 95+ feet, but if you have the proper experience and training it can be a worth while visit.  Barracuda, Snappers, Horse eye Jacks, turtles, and eagle rays frequent this reef.  You can also find some very large barrel sponges down the slope of this reef.

Along with keeping a close eye on your air supply and no decompression limits you should pay close attention to currents out on the 2nd reef.  These currents can be strong, if you venture to far outside the reef you can easily get caught up in them.

See the full Aquarius photo album here

Dive Specs:

Entry:  Shore and Boat
Snorkeling: No
Skill Level:  All Divers
Current: Moderate to Strong
Max Depth: 140ft

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