Bonaire – Calabas Reef

Calabas Reef (a.k.a Kalabas Reef) is the house reef for the Divi Flamingo.  Having stayed at the Divi Flamingo we ended up diving this reef a number of times out of convenience.  The Divi Flamingo has a pier in which you use for entry and exit to this site.  If you are staying at the Divi Flamingo this pier is also where your lockers, air tanks, and weights are located making is extremely convenient.  We ended up doing our check dive, a few early morning dives as well as a night dive here.

There is a 2nd pier to the North you can also dive from, however because our gear was in the lockers on the South pier that is where we dove.  From the South pier you can dive North and South, but you can only go a limited distance to the South if any ships are at the southern port.  Their happened to be a cruise ship in port while were were there so we only dove to the North.  The reef wall starts at about 13ft where you will find a mix of sandy bottom and scattered coral.  As you go down the reef starting at about 16ft the coral becomes more dense.  As you descend down the reef to the drop-off around 36ft the coral will again become a mix of sand and coral.

While diving this reef we spotted Green Moray Eals, Tarpon, Barracuda, as well as some of the common Angel Fish, Flounder, and other species you will see just about at any dive site.  Our friends also spotted a Sea Horse, but unfortunately we were not on that dive with them.  You will also see a mix of both hard and soft coral along this reef.

In between the North and South piers their is also the remains of a small sailboat at about 75ft where you might see some Shrimp, Sea Slugs, Crinoids, Morays, Tarpon, and Barracudas.

See the full Calabas Reef Photo Gallery here.

Dive Specs:

Entry:  Shore and Boat
Snorkeling: Yes
Skill Level:  All Divers
Current: Moderate to almost none
Max Depth: 105ft

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