Review: Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme

I’ve now owned my Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme for about a year and a half and logged nearly 50 dives with it.  I’m the type of person who typically wants the latest and greatest new device every year, but when it comes to this regulator I haven’t ever thought about getting a new one.  I’ve only tried about a dozen or so other regulators and before I owned the Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme I never realized much a difference from one to the next.

Ever since I have owned this regulator when I try a new one or have to dive one for what ever the reason I am just not comfortable.  I can feel the difference and I don’t like it.  If you are looking for a con for the Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme that would be it.  Once you use one you will never want to use another regulator again.  A few weeks ago I went diving with my brother-in-law and he at that point didn’t own any of his own equipment, but had dove a number of different regulators.  I was diving a side mount setup so I let him use my gear including my regulator and after his first dive with it he was hooked.  So hooked he went out and bought one the very next week.

The first stage

You have probably already read that the first stage has an Auto Closure Device (ACD).  So what is an ACD?  It is basically a valve then when the air pressure from the tank is removed from the first stage closes preventing water from entering the valve.  Remember being taught to use the tank air to blow dry your valve cover before putting it on?  Well with this feature you technically don’t have to because water can’t enter the valve.  I always dry my valve cover anyway for good measure, but in case you accidentally put your regulator in the rinse bucket without the valve cover, don’t worry with this feature your covered.

The first stage has 2 High Pressure and 4 low pressure ports.  What does this mean?  Well you can have a hose attached console and as well as a transmitter for your wrist computer, two second stages, an inflator hose, and if you dive dry suit an inflator house for your dry suit as well.  The Legend also has an environmental dry system to prevent ice build up in the first stage.

The second stage

The first thing I noticed about the second stage is the stock mouth piece.  It didn’t hurt my jaw like most do.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make all the difference.   Next the Master Breathing System (MBS) makes is super easy to adjust the regulator.  The MBS basically is two adjustments in one.  It controls the direction of air as well as changes the opening effort.  It really is super easy to make adjustments and get it just the way you want it.  It like the first stage also has features to make it freeze resistant.  The second stage has what Aqua Lung calls a heat exchanger which is on all Legend models, but they have specifically adjusted it to resist freezing on the Supreme Versions.

In the end you can’t go wrong with this regulator.  It’s certainly not the least expensive unit on the market, but when it comes to life support devices I wouldn’t skimp.  You certainly will not be sorry you spent the extra few dollars after a few uses.

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