The start of something new

I’ve been wanting to create a scuba related blog for some time now and I have finally taken the time to build this site.  Normally blogging is something I do to share information with others for my work which makes this blog a bit different for me.  I wanted to do this not only to share information about diving for others, but for myself.  It’s a way for me to document my experiences as a diver and to share that experience with other who dive and for those that don’t.  71% of our planet is covered in water and our oceans hold about 96% of all earths water.  It’s estimated that their are roughly 6 million divers world wide out of 7.4 billions inhabitants of our planet.  That’s only 0.8% of the worlds population.

With only 0.8% of the worlds population ever seeing what lies beneath our great oceans I believe it’s the responsibility of those of us that are able to experience this wonderful treasure to share it with others.  In 2015 the World Wildlife Fund indicated a nearly 50% decline in marine life populations since 1970.  This is horrific.  This has been attributed to our destruction of mangroves and tropical reefs.  Although we have made great strides to try and rebuild mangroves and preserve the ones that remain, commercial fishing is continuing to destroy ocean reefs and if we continue down this path the oceans tropical reefs could be lost by 2050.  It’s sad to think that future generations may only be able to see this wonderful ecosystem online or at an aquarium.

Hopefully through the information and experience I post on my blog I can drive attention and awareness to this and show people just how important, wonderful, important, and fragile our ocean reefs are.  I know I’m just one person writing a small blog, but if I can even bring awareness to small handful of people that I have at least done something.  With that I plan to add content I have collected over the last few years as well as new content and experiences I have yet to have.  I hope you will enjoy what I have to share.

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